The Premiere Hypnotist #1.

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Attila Hypnotist earned his clinical hypnotherapy in the early 90's, later psychology and a nutritional science degree 2007-2014. Attila offers scientific educational, motivational and personal development seminars utilizing hypnosis demonstrations by presenting the power of the subconscious mind! He has developed 10 hypnotherapy courses that he personally teaches in two different languages since 1996 of over 300 hours. Attila is the director of International Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Academy (IHHA) and his school is registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiner and with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, where he is an invited presenter at their annual conferences year after year on medical hypnotherapy since 2004.

Attila is performing since 1977 and has trained over 1000 stage hypnotists and hypnotherapist in the past 28 years from around the world. From Canada, USA to Denmark, from Hollywood to Las Vegas from New Zealand to Hungary from Singapore to Hong Kong, from Germany to Dominican Republic hypnotists are performing his famous Trade Mark One Second Inductions. Attila resides in the Carib Island on Dominican Republic, and performs his hypnosis shows across the world. Attila guarantees the best hypnosis show you will ever see that will entertain corporate events, fundraisers, cruise ships and casinos. He earned this title The Premiere Stage Hypnotist from the Hypnotists #1 of the Century Gil Boyne, see his signature below.

Attila offers: Hypnotherapy Counselling, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Courses, Stage Hypnosis Training, Online Counselling, Online Hypnosis Courses and Nutritional and Motivational Seminars, Personal Success Coaching, Hypnosis Show, Magic Show,

"I may know about movie magic, but you are the real thing".

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Attila, You are the Premiere Stage Hypnotist - #1. The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners will recognize you with a Certificate of an Approved Stage Hypnosis Instructor and you will be the first one to receive it in the world.  

Gil Boyne the world's most recognized hypnotist and hypnotherapy teacher, the hypnotist of the century and the director of American Council of Hypnotists Examiners.

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I have received 19 awards since 2005. John Butler (ACHE), Robert Otto (IMDHA), Gil Boyne(ACHE), John Butler, Gil Boyne, Attila Kun

On behalf of everyone at Popovich Production Ltd.
The Party! The Biggest Year End Party in Canada!

Dear Attila,
On behalf of everyone at Popovich Productions Ltd., I would like to thank you for your involvement with the entertainment shows we have been promoting the last 10 years.  Every hypnosis show we have seen you present, has been superb.  Your work ethic is exceptional, you're always very prompt and well organized, and your personal appearance both onstage and off is always appropriate. 
All the shows you have presented for us have been smash sensations.  Some of these audiences have been in excess of 1700 people, and you have delighted them all. 
As well as being an excellent hypnotist, you exhibit a high moral standard with your choice of material. You are an excellent showman and are without a doubt "The World's Fastest Stage Hypnotist!"   That portion of your show the ("One Second Induction") is absolutely amazing!
In this day and age, the typical "modern" hypnotist does not seem to have many scruples when it comes to their choice of material, and how they treat their subjects.  You on the other hand are a true gentleman, both onstage and off.  Thank you for carrying on the tradition of such masters as the world famous "Reveen". 
I highly recommend your show for anyone who wants to be captivated, delighted and amazed.
                                                                                                                                                               Respectfully  yours, Deborah Popovich

Attila, what can be said but, thank you.  It has been a busy fundraising season here for Ducks Unlimited Canada and one of the highlights for me was your stellar performance and participation in our volunteer appreciation event.   You and your crew were welcome additions to the DUC team.  You went over and above, to make sure the "show could go on".  Beyond that your performance grabbed our audience's attention and held it there entertained, amused and amazed.  This was the second year in a row and the crowd was just as enthralled as the first time as you kept your show interactive and spontaneous.  It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to do so again in the future.  You truly are an entertainer and work magic even when not necessarily doing your magic show! 
Thanks again
Marty van Sloun
Ducks Unlimited Canada Edmonton and Boreal District
Fundraising Manager

We hold dozens of events a year with all kinds of entertainers. Judging by the crowd reaction and then comments made to me afterwards, Attila's performance at our Edmonton fundraiser was extremely well received. There is no question we have a world class entertainer in our back yard.  I am sure we will have Attila back many times.
        Craig Berke
Fundraising Manager Central Alberta District

  • Attila Has a Guinness World Record Longest Non-Stop Comedy Show.
  • Principle role as Ltn. Hans Von Köeppen in The Greatest Auto Race movie.
  • Attila has trained over a 1000 Hypnotist and Hypnotherapists since 1996 worldwide.
  • Attila has played the part with amazing fire effects & magic tricks as "The Phantom of Fashions" in One of Edmonton's biggest fasion show.
  • Appeared & technical advisor with some special effects for commercials for Access Network.
  • Created and performed fire stunts in the Edmonton Opera's production of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet Opera at the Jubilee Auditorium.
  • Performed for 6 months at Circus Barley, (touring across Austria).
  • Lead role as a gambler, and technical consultant in Gogol's, Card Cheaters (theatre production).
  • Appeared in a Sylvester Stallone mivie Victory.

Attila has performed in eight countries since 1977, with some of the world's best and most famous Entertainers, Super Stars. He appeared on Access Network, The Edge, he transformed A-Channel’s Steve Antle into Elvis; CBC News, ITV, CFRN and has been on several talk shows.
He performed for ex Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith, the Oilers, Kevin Lowe’s private party, just to mention a few. Attila has also had the much coveted honor of being invited to share the stage with the world's greatest magicians, such as Fantasio, Marvin & Carol Roy-Mr. Electric, Billy McComb, Dale Salwak, Tom Mullica, Juliana Chen (World Champion), Shawn Farquhar(World Champion)  and many more in the International Stars of Magic Show.

Attila Kun with Ormond McGill

Attila Kun with John Butler

Attila Kun, John Butler, Gil Boyne 2009