ONLINE FAST TRACK PROGRAM - 2 Day Class Live with Attila
This is “Hypnosis Beyond Therapy”

Stage Hypnosis is the best known aspect of hypnosis and knowing this modality can be beneficial to anyone in the profession. Physicians using hypnosis reported great results with their Patients since using some of advanced techniques Attila teaches. Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, and some reported doubling their income since adding Stage Hypnosis to the services they offer.

For best results, knowing hypnosis inside out is the only way to go. It gives self confidence knowing what one does. Being a Certified Hypnotherapist helps at resolving many situation that may arise during a stage hypnosis show. Since the unexpected may arise at any time, this training also helps one to think very quickly on the spur of a moment.

  • An mpeg4 file of Three 90 minute shows from Attila.
  • 123 pages Course Manual PDF.
  • Certificate

495 $ CAD

Personal Success Training (8 hrs)
Developed by Attila since 1996

Visualization, imagery and the like, we all heard the importance of doing it. This part of the course will explain how it works, how come we experience so many things we perceive we did not "visualize", and what to do consciously to get what we really want to have. Visualization, imagery and the like, we all heard the importance of doing it.

Hypnosis is consciously going into a trance. As stated by a Graduate, being in a trance is High Voltage. Since some reports believe we are in a trance more than 80% of the time, it is very important to know how it works. By understanding the connection between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind, we are then able to make it work for ourselves and for the benefit of others

  • Learn about Who You really Are
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • WHAT THEY DON'T TEACH YOU in the "Secret"
  • Do you really think chicken soup will save you?
  • If it is a Secret why are they telling it, especially for so much money?
  • The half of the world already heard, seen the Secret, then why there are people still poor, unhealthy, and unhappy?

Time:  9:00 am - 6:30 pm

$ 195.00 CAD

People asking me for 20 years, - "Attila, can you hypnotize me to accomplish this and that in my life"?
I used to say YES I CAN.
But my answer has changed to,  "NO, I CAN'T"...

so you can live a happier, healthier and a more successful life.
Isn't that WHAT YOU WANT?

  • Distance learning courses are open to anyone

  • All courses are LIVE streaming with Attila

  • You can now study at the convenience of your own time and your own place

  • You must have ZOOM installed

  • Class materials are donloadable

  • Attila offering these courses online since June 2009

All our courses are certified by the International Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Academy (IHHA) a registered school of International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Attila Kun

Guided Creative Visualization Meditations - (1 hour each class)
What separates the good from the greatest? What’s the difference between an average athlete or a world class athlete? What is a difference an between an average person and someone with great wealth?

  • First: They learned the value of seeing what they want.
  • Second: They learned to put it into action.

Most people think that they can't visualize and can't see visual imaginations when they close their eyes. This is a misconception of their own belief system. The language of our mind are pictures. We see and think in images. Yes you can learn to see and control your visual mind. Successful people, they all learned the power of their mind. The power of seeing the invisible. The power to see themselves at the top of their game, whatever it might be. They learned to visualize.

115 $ CAD

This is one of IHHA's most popular courses! As the title says, The Art of  Self-Discovery!
A course open to anyone interested understanding and utilizing the mind
for personal and professional success through self-directed mind-power (hypnotism).

  • 100 pages pdf manual.
  • A Certification of Completion from IHHA.
  • Relaxation with Attila mp3 download

During this dynamic two-day course, open to anyone, you will learn what makes a person go into a trance, when a person is open to suggestions, how is the psyche impressed, how suggestions are reinforced, and much more. Learn the age old techniques that have proven themselves over and over. You will learn self hypnosis and how to make your own self hypnosis and motivational recordings for effective and beneficial self improvement. During this 2-day course you will also learn and practice how to hypnotize a person for relaxation.

Developed and presented by Attila J. Kun since 1996. 

Course Outline

  • Conscious vs. Subconscious
  • The reality is in your subconscious mind
  • How to control your emotions and motivate yourself
  • Why goal setting and positive thinking doesn't work
  • Personalities and who we are, without understanding this you have slim chance to get what you want
  • Hypnosis makes you understand the psyche
  • Learn a basics hypnotic trance and learn to induce it
  • Learn the power of words
  • Learn to understand the subconscious mind
  • Learn to value yourself
  • Learn to understand the mind/body connection
  • Learn own the subconscious mind functions and master it
  • Learn the principle behind false memory syndrome
  • Explore the mind/body connection
  • Experience 6 trance induction techniques

Time: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm or later
$ 395.00 CAD

Basic Hypnosis (BH) - The Art of Self-Discovery (2 days)
An introduction to the Subconscious Mind
This courses is available in Hungarian

Stage Hypnosis Master Class
(50 hrs or more) $ 1895.00 US

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Stage Hypnosis Master Class


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