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3 Shows in One Download
One Downoad mpeg4 of three 90 minutes shows from Attila

  • Stage Hypnosis Show with Full Induction
  • One Second Induction
  • Pandemonium, Finale

Because of the compression the quality is lower, but still very good.

$ 17.50

Stage Hypnosis Course Manual

123 pages, including techniques that Attila developed in this Downloadable Stage Hypnosis Manual. This book comes with 1 Download file of three of Attila's live shows and the cover signed by Attila.

Once we receive your payment we send you a link to download.

$ 49.50

Attila's 5 Stage Hypnosis Show Download

      90 minutes each mpeg4

  1. Including Full Show Induction - 2005
  2. Including One Second Induction - 2004
  3. Including Pandemonium, Finale Effects - 2005
  4. Including Corporate Show - 2006
  5. Including High School Show - 2007

All of these shows were filmed in front of 1,500 to 1,900 people audince

$ 14.50 each

Buy all 5 mpeg4 only $ 49.50
Five Self-Help Download MP3 Programs

Includes Five separate 30 minutes Relaxation Self-Hypnosis Audio Programs

  • Become Smoke Free - Stop Smoking
  • Relaxation
  • Study & Concentration
  • Reshape Your Body - Lose Weight
  • Gain Self Confidence

Download including the 5 mp3 files and the 5 written scripts in MS Words and the rights of use for only

$ 39.50

Stage Hypnosis and Self-Help Programs

8 DVD Stage Hypnosis Course

A perfect home study course to start stage hypnosis show business

  • A Set of 8 DVD of Attila's 2 Days Stage Hypnosis Course.
  • A 123 Pages Course Manual PDF Stage Hypnosis Manual written by Attila
  • Bonus: 1 DVD of Attila's 3 full shows
  • 1 DVD of Attila with Gil Boyne on Rapid Inductions
  • Certificate for the rights to use Attila's registered Trade Mark the One Second Induction.

$ 499.00


Human Physiology Requires Certain Essential Nutrients!
  12 Essential Vitamins
  17 Essential Minerals
    9 Essential Amino Acids
  Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)– Omega 3,6, (9)
Without it the body cannot function at its best!

SOUL, CORE, BEND, PURE, is the World's Leading Antioxidant/EFA by Science!
$ 24.50                    or                      $ 7.50 each

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