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Hypnotherapy Session with Attila Kun

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent session and share the progress I have made with my life after the one session I had with you on January 4, 2005. I would greatly appreciate if you could share this letter with others who are looking for relief from the workings of our subconscious mind, thus I will give some background material to bring clarity into this letter. I believe that your skill in helping me is a gift and I would like others to seek your skills and understand the gift of letting go of irrational fear.

In brief, my underlying psychological issues stem from being molested and raped as a teenager, lack of self-esteem and need for approval. When I finally seeked psychological counselling form a psychiatrist and a psychologist I had reached a point in my life where I feared going into crowds, I feared being alone in a room with men, I feared and created in my mind the thoughts that people were thinking about me. Then I feared that. The thoughts were mostly negative about myself. I am diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and take a very low dose of Paxil to alleviate the physical and some of the psychological symptoms of the anxiety. The psychological counselling I took was sessions of understanding and practising different thought strategies to get the mind to think differently. I am not a person that enjoys drawing pictures and analyzing what they mean in group sessions. I wanted answers and how to get better. (I don't like group sessions, it is the crowd thing, so I did not attend them). In my life I felt there was always some progress and then a trigger of some sort sparks a memory cue and "wham" all the progress that was made was back to where I had just begun. I have struggled with this for over 25 years and decided at the suggestion of my sister to seek hypnotherapy. She had seen Attilla at one of his shows, and her husband approached Attila in regards to hypnotherapy sessions.
Before Xmas I had proudly taken myself off of Paxil, but an incident occurred which was a particularly difficult memory trigger and put me back to square one again. I spoke to my doctor and we put myself back onto the anti-anxiety drug Paxil. I then made an appointment with Attilla. I was desperately hoping the memory triggers could be alleviated through hypnotherapy. Please note that I am employed in an office and work in a very public place that entails working with men and women daily. I work with very kind people and this is a great asset with the fears I deal with.

The consultation
Now remember, I am a lady that gets very anxious when in a situation where I am alone in a room with men or a man, let alone let a man hypnotize me into a session that I may not know what is going on or what has transpired. Pretty scary, huh? Attila immediately sensed my fear and nervousness, but his gentle kind manner eased my catapulting irrational fears. Throughout our half hour consultation I understood that this was a man who worked with integrity in the best interest of the patient and I relaxed and understood I could trust him. He was sincere and intended to ensure I understood before we did a hypnotherapy session that I would always be aware of what was happening and could stop at any time. In the consultation process, I was very honest and did not hold back on any details that would jeopardize the success of this session. Within the half hour consultation, he had enough information and understanding for the situation that was causing my underlying fears and he was ready to start the hypnotherapy session. He explained the workings of the subconscious mind and other details to bring to an understanding of how hypnotherapy works.

I am very easily hypnotized, as I listen to a hypnotist cassette tape to fall asleep at night. This tape works much better than sleeping pills and faster. Now it only takes 5 sentences and poof I am asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I put the tape back on and back to sleep I go. So for this session with Attilla, I was familiar with the initial phases of the session. Attilla addressed the underlying issues and then put forth a totally different memory picture in my mind to offset the triggers that caused my anxiety to escalate. The hypnotherapy session was 1 hour and we were done. He suggested only if I felt I needed to that he would like to seem in six weeks, but that is not necessary. He believes that only one session is necessary for success. I have to say, I was amazed that Attilla did not write down anything in the half hour consult and remembered so many details of what we discussed to bring it into the therapy session. That was very impressive.

I didn't feel any different right away, after all you are still the same person. I immediately went home right away and got my hypnosis tape out, taped it onto another tape and then added my own voice to it with the memory picture that Attila had used in my session. I then listened to this tape every night when I went to sleep. Over the next 4 weeks, I had many negative memory triggers, but the triggers were offset immediately by the details that were given in my hypnotherapy session. It has now become automatic - the memory trigger - the hypnotherapy details and I am finding fewer and fewer moments of memory trigger happening.
I feel like I have got my life back, I have self-confidence, the irrational fears have disappeared and when they do happen, I am dealing with them rationally. My life was stuck and now I find I am going forward.
I have suffered with this anxiety for years and can honestly say that the hypnotherapy session with Attilla has been the best thing I have ever done. I would recommend a session to anyone who is dealing with anxiety.

name kept private

Testimonials of who has taken Attila's Hypnosis Courses

Thank you Attila for your superb teaching today at the IMDHA workshop. Your offered a unique, practical, creative approach to the time regression.
In your hands this technique gained on creativity, energy, focus, logic and effectiveness.
Thank you for combining teaching with leading participants into their self-discoveries.
I learned and experienced  transformed!
Wes, Wieslaw "Wes" Rocki MD, PhD, CHI

In 2006 September I attended your Stage Hypnosis Course at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta. This was one of the best experiences I had in my life!  I was impressed by the level of your knowledge, expertise, professionalism, honesty, and skills. I am proud of the fact that I was taught by you -- hypnotist, actor, magician, entertainer, and fabulous person! You truly possess the power of magnetism and, I was inspired by your presence. Attila you are also a marvelous teacher, attentive, provoking discussions yet following your principles and high, classy standards.

I highly recommend your course to everyone who is interested in hypnosis, particularly to hypnotherapists who will definitely benefit of your enormous experience and expertise. I would also recommend this course to psychologists, psychiatrists, actors who will be able to greatly expand their understanding of human psychology.
Dr. Andrei Poukhovski, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta
Member of Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis,
and International Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Regional Mental Health Program

I was one of the Danes at your seminar last month. I just want to tell you that I tried some of the instant inductions. To my own shock they went very well. All until now went to the ground. I even made full body catalepsy on 1. It's my experience that with this induction people go straight to Aronsscale 6+ . It's good on the scene and good in the clinic. The best induction for me is where you take the hand and walk around with people and then turn myself around, hand on the head and shout Sleep. Soon after a little practice I will be full professor of Stage hypnotist. Thanks again for sharing your know-how.
Svend Steenstrup
You are not just a great hypnotist, but you are also a great and wonderful Educator. Your teaching has had a great impact on me!  Thanks & let's stay in touch.
Hubertus Juewther

Santa Fee, New Mexico
Great course, great content. I know my show will be great as well and I thank you for your love of the craft and for helping me to be a better hypnotist.
Doug Ottesberg

It's a great pleasure to be your student. I thought I know lots of stuff about stage hypnosis, but the awareness which you told was new for me. Thank you very much.
Nazik Ghazarian, C.C.H.T

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to learn about stage hypnosis. You cleared up so many of my misconceptions. Your great creativity, innovation, professionalism simply mesmerizes me. Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. It is I who must thank you for the opportunity to learn stage hypnosis. I am so glad you send the earlier Email. I arrive safely and I am slowly getting over the jet lag. I had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed every moment of the seminar. I am seriously thinking of joining your course on magic if you have any. Hope one day I can arrange for you to visit us in Asia and maybe perform? Sincere thanks.
Thiew Chai Ong - Professor of Psychiatry

New Zeland
2005. I want to thank you for your stage hypnosis training.  When I discovered that your course was delivered every year as a group training event at a recognized educational institution, I jumped at the chance to attend.  I got all that I needed and much more.  You took us step by step through all aspects of setting up and delivering a comedy hypnosis stage show.  I was especially grateful for your thorough coverage of "things that can go wrong" and how to cope with them.  Some of the best things about your course are: 
  • Your huge experience on stage and as a hypnotist
  • The ability to discuss and practice with other participants
  • Step by step guides to staging a show, routines, presentation, clothing, technology etc.
  • Debriefing of prior hypnosis shows, and analysis of what works and what might not work.
  • Networking with other budding stage hypnotists who are just starting out.  By the end of the course I felt fully prepared to stage my own hypnosis show.
Although I had never been on stage as an entertainer, I arranged a charity gig a few weeks after the course, and gave a very good first show.  Since then I have performed several more charity shows and commercial bookings with great confidence.  Your course has given me an excellent start to my show biz career.
Gerard Verschuren - Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Attila

2004. I want to thank you both for the past week of learning.  Anny - for recommending the course, even though I had no intention of becoming a stage hypnotist.  Attila - for sharing your knowledge and personal experiences together with your sense of humor.

As I wrote my intention the first day, "To add to my knowledge and use the information in a way that brings about an understanding of the power of the mind in creating reality.", I find it is being fulfilled.   The seminar has triggered a reaction of connected awareness' that will benefit me greatly, not only as a hypnotherapist, but as an individual.

Attila - the manual is very thorough and informative, as you have drawn from many sources to complement your professional and personal experiences. In my view, the Personal Development segment is also a valuable component, both from a therapist and a client perspective.   I respect your integrity and dedication to your profession.   It is through the perseverance of people like you that positive change is initiated.

Warm regard,
Sue Stephens,  C.C.H.
From the bottom of my heart…
2003. This is just a note of thank you to Attila and Anny for the stage hypnosis course.  If you are thinking of looking into this area of entertainment I cannot recommend this course highly enough.  Anny couldn't have gotten a better person to teach this course.  Attila is first and foremost just a great guy who is VERY knowledgeable in this field (20 years??  I think) He will not baby sit you but if you are there to learn... believe me that is what you will do.

He is very generous with his time and his expertise.  Not only will he teach you the in's and out's of the business.  He covers such a large trove of information.  I cannot imagine leaving a course more prepared for my new career than this one.  I really feel fortunate to have experienced it.
Thank you
Winston Bradley Scott , C.C.H.

To Attila
2002. I would just like to say thank you again for the excellent course you provided for us all last week.   You challenged me to think in different ways and to view information in different perspectives.   The knowledge I gained from you will be invaluable to me as I begin to work as a hypnotherapist.   Although, at this time, I do not expect to be an entertainer having this knowledge will be valuable to me as I meet and work with people whose only real exposure to hypnosis is that of stage hypnosis. I would highly recommend your course to anyone and look forward to meeting you again.
Kari Clarke, MH, CCht, DCH

To Attila
2001. I would like to offer some thoughts with respect to the stage hypnosis training. After taking the course, I now realize the value, being a certified hypnotherapist since 1993, I thought I would have no real need for this training. Much to my surprise I found I learned a great deal and it was very rewarding.  I was given some tips and tools that will certainly help me to be more proficient in my hypnotherapy practice.

I want to thank Attila (our instructor) for a most enjoyable seminar.  It was filled with new information, humor, sincerity and a wealth of knowledge as a result of his many years of experience as a professional performer.   The content of the course was well presented and the "Personal Development" segment is easily integrated into therapy, making it so much more effective.   I recommend this training to any of my colleagues who have not yet had the opportunity to expand their personal and professional potential. In closing, once again I say thank you to both Anny and Attila for a most enjoyable learning experience.
Gary Schuster,  CCH.

Dear Attila
2000. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I learned and gained from your course, Stage Hypnosis 501/502.   Not only was it extremely beneficial from the entertainment aspect of hypnosis, I cannot count how many times I have used information you presented in the course in my clinical hypnotherapy practice as well.

I commend you on the professional presentation of the material, the quality of the material and especially the huge manual of information we received.   It has been referenced many times.   Even though you make a large percentage of your income doing stage hypnosis, you were extremely generous in sharing your stunts and what I call your "tricks and traps."   Every time you teach a course you could be creating your own competition.   It takes a dedicated teacher to do that. I wish you well in your future teaching.  I know without a doubt that it will be an asset to every hypnotist, clinical or stage.   In fact, I think it should be a mandatory class.
                    Your hypnotist friend,
Marilyn Olsen, MH, CCht, DCH

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